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ونحن نرحب ترحيبا حارا لكم في الاتصال بنا من خلال الخطوط الساخنة وغيرها من وسائل الاتصال الفورية.

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Cantera Stone

Cantera stone is also known as handcarved stone. Because it is both beautiful and functional, Cantera quarried stone has many architectural and decorative uses. Outdoors, it can be carved into stately columns, figurines, and fountains. Indoors, Cantera is an elegant option for fireplaces, kitchen range hoods, and more.

Stone Walls A Part of History | Q COSTA RICA

15/05/2016 · The stone walls are seen as you travel toward Atenas on route 27 about a kilometer west of the Fiesta de Maiz restaurant and rest stop, just east of the curves leading down to the river. Historian ...

Costa Rica's Mysterious Stone Spheres

 · Costa Rica's stone spheres are, as archeological mysteries go, relatively recent. People have been wondering at Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids for thousands of years, while the stone spheres were only studied scientifically in the 1930s. Around 300 of the stone balls are known to exist in Costa Rica, most of them clustered in the Disquis ...

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Convenio Colegio de Abogados – Universidad de Costa Rica 2NORMATIVA CONSTITUCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE COSTA RICA5 Artículo 11.Los funcionarios públicos son simples depositarios de la autoridad. Están obligados a cumplir los deberes que la ley les impone y no pueden arrogarse facultades no concedidas en ella.

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The Mystery Of The Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

 · That's what happened in the 1930s to employees of the United Fruit Company. They were laboring to clear land in Costa Rica's Diquís Valley to establish banana plantations when they stumbled upon the spheres — almost perfectly round, crafted from solid stone, says Atlas Obscura. Since then, around 300 of the spheres have been found, of ...

Costa Rica's Caño Island Biological Reserve

 · Stone Spheres. Stone spheres have been discovered on the island, often referred to as "las bolas" and have been found throughout various loions in Costa Rica as well. These enigmatic stone spheres are rounded and most believe to be handcarved.

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The Investment Promotion Agency of Costa Rica Home of the FDI of the future. For almost 40 years, the Costa Rican lnvestment Promotion Agency, CINDE, a private, nonpolitical, and nonprofit organization, has advised and guided over 300 hightech companies to establish in the country.

What Are the Mysterious and Enormous Stone Spheres Found ...

19/05/2020 · While everyone recognizes the movie as a work of fiction, the giant stone spheres are not. While clearing the jungle for banana plantations in 1940 in Costa Rica's Diquis Delta region, employees of the United Fruit Company uncovered numerous large stone spheres partly buried in the forest floor.

Stone spheres from Costa Rica – Acervo Lima

The ball stone Costa Rica (or stone balls) are a set of more than 300 petrosferas in Costa Rica, loed in Delta Diquís in Caño, they are known as Las are commonly attributed to the extinct Diquís Culture and are sometimes called Diquís known as stone sculptures from the Colombian Isthmus area.

Costa Rica's Mysterious Stone Spheres | Coast to Coast AM

An archaeological complex in Costa Rica known for its mysterious stone spheres has been newly designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Eduional, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Loed in southern Costa Rica on the Diquis Delta, the preColumbian spheres range in size from ft. to ft. in diameter their origin and purpose remain unknown.

Spherical Stones in Costa Rica Remain a Fascinating ...

 · The Costa Rica Diquis stone spheres were first discovered by the United Fruit Company in 1939 as the company was working to clear out jungle area to open its banana plantations. Experts believe that the spherical stones were constructed approximately around 800 Locally, the spheres are referred to as Las Bolas, which literally means The Balls.


Carved, volcanicstone ceremonial metates represent one of the most unusual and complex traditions of preColumbian artifacts from Costa come in many different forms, and morphological variation corresponds to different regions and time periods. They can be rectangular, circular, flat, or may or may not have rims and three or four legs.

The Ancient Stone Spheres of Costa Rica – The Grampa Zone

15/06/2020 · The indigenous tribes who lived in southwestern Costa Rica approximately 2,000 years ago left little evidence of their culture behind. The remaining artifacts are approximately 500 stone spheres. The spheres are evidently intentionally sculpted to a smooth finish with great care and they weigh up to 15 tons. It is uncertain how these stones were produced or transported, .

The Mysterious Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica | Amusing Planet

 · In the 1930s while clearing the Costa Rican jungle for banana plantations, employees of the United Fruit Company began uncovering large stone spheres buried in the forest floor. Almost immediately, the mysterious spheres became prized lawn ornaments, ending up on the front yards of government buildings, homes of wealthy buyers and fruit company executives throughout Costa Rica.

Ranas de Costa Rica

Costa Rica alberga 193 especies de ranas y sapos colocados en 14 familias. Ranas y sapos juntos forman el Orden Anura. De aquí es donde proviene el término Anuros, sólo otra manera de referirse a los anfibios sin cola, las "ranas y sapos". Uno de nuestros principales objetivos es facilitar a las personas, una manera de conocer estas hermosas ...

Costa Rica archaeologists in awe as Brooklyn Museum ...

 · Costa Rica archaeologists in awe as Brooklyn Museum returns 1,305 artifacts. PreColumbian stone statues, repatriated from the Brooklyn Museum in .

The Mysterious Spheres of Costa Rica

 · Some believe that the monumental stone spheres of Costa Rica "are proof" that Atlantis, the mythical island continent described by the Greek philosopher Plato, was in America. Ivar Zapp and George Erikson are two anthropologists who support this theory as they are trying to explain the origin and function of the preColumbian artifacts.

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 · Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls in Costa Rica. by Calli Zarpas. July 28, 2020. Reading Time: 5 minutes. It's my last day in Costa Rica, and I'm sitting in a smoothie bar watching a ceiling fan whirl lazily above my head. My two friends, Maggie and Maddie, are sucking on the last of their smoothies as cars buzz by like flies between us and the ...