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ونحن نرحب ترحيبا حارا لكم في الاتصال بنا من خلال الخطوط الساخنة وغيرها من وسائل الاتصال الفورية.

Verfrut exceeds its fruit export record in the 202021 season

Nov 08, 2021 · Additionally, the company produces more than three million boxes of stone fruit, over million boxes of kiwifruit and other niche egories such as Peruvian limes and Asian pears in Chile. One of the keys to the growth of the company is in the speed and operational efficiency of planting and organizing its production while responding to the ...

How the chili spread from its South American home and ...

Jun 14, 2007 · The remarkable spread of the chili (or chilli, or chile, or chile pepper, to use just a few of its myriad names and spellings) is a piquant chapter in the story of globalization. Few other foods have been taken up by so many people in so many places so quickly.

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Each year, numerous dance groups and more than 10,000 pilgrims from Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina make their way along a tortuous cliff path to visit a rock carving of the in the Azapa valley, near Arica. There are many smaller festivals in other parts of Chile, too. November 1: Todos los Santos (All Saints' Day)

25 Cultural Differences Between USA and Chile | Chilean Besos

Mar 08, 2011 · 25 Cultural Differences Between USA and Chile. Posted on March 8, 2011 by Michelle Kingston. 1. In Chile, you tip the bagger at the grocery store. This is his only way of getting paid. 2. Palta, palta, palta (avocado)! Avocado is served with almost every meal — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Lithium is powering today's technology—at what price?

Lithium, essential to our batteryfueled world, is also the key to Bolivia's future, the vice president assures me. A mere four years hence, he predicts, it will be "the engine of our economy."


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The official language of Chile is Spanish but by law, the indigenous languages are protected and their use is encouraged. They can be taught, especially when there is a large indigenous population in the school, they can also be used in media and the traditional indigenous names are recognised in the civil registration and have their own transcription norms.

Andes Facts for Kids |

The small tree Cinchona pubescens is a source of quinine used to treat malaria. It is found widely in the Andes as far south as Bolivia. Other important crops that came from the Andes are tobacco and potatoes. The highaltitude Polylepis forests and woodlands are found in the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. These trees are ...

earthstoriez| BOLIVIA: On the origins of PAPA (potato)

Jun 04, 2021 · D iscover legends, myth, history and folklore of the potato plant in Bolivia and its use in traditional Andean culture.. SOLANUM TUBEROSUM. Family: Solanaceae, nightshade, or potato Quechua: Papa Taíno: Batata, used for sweet potato and potato Spanish: Patata English: Potato The Inca . Growing wild as early as 13,000 years ago on the Chilean coast of .

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Chile's economic freedom score is, making its economy the 19th freest in the 2021 Index. Its overall score has decreased by points, primarily because of a decline in investment freedom.

Lithium reserves worldwide top countries 2020 | Statista

Chile had an estimated million metric tons of lithium reserves in 2020. Australia came in second, with reserves estimated at million metric tons that year. ... Bolivia: YLB's lithium ...

About Chile

Important information. Chile's official language is Spanish, but there are also communities in the country that speak indigenous languages. Summer is between January and March and winter between July and September. Spring. You will find a wide variety of climates ranging from desert climate in the north to tundra and polar climate in the south.

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Sep 15, 2018 · Top Gear Series 14 Episode 6 (Bolivia Special) Top Gear Videos posted a video to playlist Top Gear Series 14. September 15, 2018 ·. Bolivia Special. 153 Comments 353 Shares 164K Views. Share.

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The largest stones of all time

The stone was believed by Prof. A. Thom. to be used to mark positions in the lunar cycle. It is now known that this stone was once the largest of 19 menhirs, erected around 4,500 BC, which originally stood in an alignment forming a line of decreasing height from Le Grand Menhir downwards. (More about Le Grand Menhir Bris )

The Environmental Impact of Lithium Batteries

Nov 12, 2020 · South America's Lithium Triangle, which covers parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, holds more than half the world's supply of the metal beneath its salt flats. But it is also one of the driest places on earth. In Chile's Salar de Atacama, mining activities consumed 65 percent of the region's water, which is having a large impact on ...

South America

Chile really does feel different than the rest of South America. Comfortable, almost European in places with quirky cities and a 'frontier' feel on its fringes. Tourism is for the most part well supported with plenty of hostels and free maps abound.

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Sep 14, 1993 · Likewise, Transylvania is a part of Romania, and Borneo and Sumatra are large islands in the Indonesian archipelago. 13) Korea, unlike Germany (and Yemen), is still divided between North Korea and ...


Bolivia is bordered to the north and east by Brazil, to the southeast by Paraguay, to the south by Argentina, to the southwest and west by Chile, and to the northwest by Peru. Most of the people of Bolivia live in the western twofifths of the country. There the Andes Mountains extend from north to south in two lofty parallel ranges.

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Jan 11, 2019 · Arica Chile's northern most city. Curepto Rustic town in the Maule Region with the Camellia Festival. El Cajón del Maipo Nature close to Santiago. Go rafting, horseback riding or see a glaciar in the national park. Easter Island Moai Statues, beaches and volcanos. Ahu Akahanga Hotu Matu'a, the founder of Rapa Nui, is supposed to be ...

The top 10 biggest copper mines in the world

Nov 04, 2013 · El Teniente, Chile. El Teniente copper mine, the world's sixth biggest, is loed 80km south of Santiago in the Andes mountain range in Chile. It is also the largest underground copper mine in the world. El Teniente was estimated to contain of fine copper (1,538Mt of ore grading % copper) at the beginning of 2013.

Pyramids Discovered Under Water Off Coast of Cuba, Might ...

Jun 04, 2020 · Pyramids Discovered Under Water Off Coast of Cuba, Might be Atlantis. The remains of what may be a 6000yearold city immersed in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba was discovered by a team of Canadian and Cuban researchers. Sunken City in Cuba. Offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky and her husband, Paul Weinzweig and her son Ernesto Tapanes ...

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